(The author is Japanese, so sidebar of this page contains Japanese charactors. Do not mind it. All the explanations below consist of US-ASCII charactors.) !!!editsubject *{{ref editsubject-,editsubject}} Jul. 29. 2010 (For Thunderbird 3.1.*) *{{ref editsubject-,editsubject}} Jun. 20. 2010 (For Thunderbird 3.0.*) *{{ref editsubject-,editsubject}} Jun. 05. 2008 (For Thunderbird 2) Auto update is not implemented. this is alpha-released. !!!readme !!Description An Addon(Extension) of Thunderbird, which adds an ability to edit the subject of received message. !!How to After installed, editsubject appears on the right-click menu of the mail list. Well, go on your way. !!Details, Limits, Cautions This Extension is not well tested. Consider it ''alpha-released''. !Details of behavior In fact, editsubject works as "''copy'' the designated mail to the new mail which has new subject user inputed". Thus, the original message will be left if there's no action else. You can optionally move it to trash automatically, but you have to mind again, written above, this is ''alpha-released''. Drawing the notation from the dialog's checkbox of editsubject. editsubject works as 'copy message with new subject'. if checked, editsubject will move original message to trashbox. you should confirm the new message and the attachment. By the way, all the copying process is done on the RAM (on the fly). This means, if you copy big mail (note included attachment files), thunderbird may become unstable. !Encoding Charactors other than US-ASCII require a kind of transformation (encoding). This is automatically selected, you ''don't have to change it'' in normal use. Drawing the notation from the dialog of editsubject. DO NOT CHANGE unless you're sure about encoding. UTF-8 is good for mixture of plural languages. encodings other than japanese is not tested. !Encoding (for experienced users) editsubject takes it's default encoding from settings of Thunderbird's body, the default encoding of sending mails. The other alternate encodings are something like a ''bonus of kids' treat'', you should feel lucky if it works. it's not tested, nor even checked the encoding name is correct. Names displayed such as ISO-2022-JP or Big5, itself will be passed to the MIME encoding function. !!Thanks, Referencies Belows are referenced to make editsubject. thanks to the authors. ::TB Header Tools Extension 0.4.5 :::https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/875 ::ImportExportTools (MboxImport enhanced) 1.6.2 :::http://nic-nac-project.de/~kaosmos/mboximport-en.html !!Changes :: Jul. 29. 2010 :::Change MaxVersion to 3.1.*. :: Jun. 20. 2010 :::move onto Thunderbird 3.x. :: Jun. 05. 2008 :::Made because my friend needed it. !!Publication data ::Author :::Takashi Hirata ::License :::MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 Triple License. ::WebPage :::http://up-cat.net/